Coming Soon: Outstretched Arms 2020

This special online event is designed for stop and take a moment - be reminded of a beautiful faithfulness from yesterday and a steady hope for tomorrow in the midst of most uncertain times. Outstretched Arms 2020 is coming soon. Keep an eye open for exciting announcements in the near … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Canada

May Canada be known as a people who seek the face of God - which is the deepest and most intimate of joys in this world. (Psalm 24:6). ———————————————————————————————————————————————— May Canada be a nation whom, as much as it's in our hands, "live at peace with all people" (Romans … [Read more...]

Our Prayers Are Yours #OttawaTornado

Our prayers are with you and our beloved city of Ottawa in the wake of Friday's tornado. May God’s love, faithfulness and peace shine in and through your heart, mind, soul and spirit in the aftermath of this storm. Blessings, Bethesda Renewal … [Read more...]

June 2017 Update Video // Summer Workbee and Outstretched Arms 2017

Watch out 53 second June Update Video for what's coming up here at Bethesda Renewal Centre! Key Dates:  Saturday, July 8 // Summer Workbee // 8:30 A.M. - 11:30 A.M.                                                      253 Lowe Rd., Ashton, ON., K0A-1B0 Saturday, September 9 … [Read more...]

“Hands Up” – Meditation

  In wartime, one of the most effective forms of surrender is forcing the enemy to raise empty hands above their heads. Why? Our hands hold our personal influence.   We shape instruments of war (such as swords, guns, cannons) and instruments of progress (such as machines, farming … [Read more...]

“Experiencing Bethesda” – New Spur Ottawa Article!

"It is important to schedule time to disconnect from the constant activity for rest and spiritual renewal. That is the need that Bethesda Renewal Centre seeks to fulfill." We are so honoured that Spur Ottawa recently featured an article about what God is doing at Bethesda Renewal … [Read more...]

Bethesda 2017 AGM Meeting – January 15, 2017

Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!    As we enter into 2017, we are excited to witness God's plans unfold here at Bethesda. We want to recap Bethesda's journeys and blessings of 2016 with you at our Annual General Meeting.   When: Sunday, January 15, … [Read more...]

RAINDATE CONFIRMED! Outstretched Arms II – September 11, 2016

• IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! • Due to an unpleasant Saturday forecast, we are officially moving Outstretched Arms II to THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11! Please see this poster and our Facebook event page for more info! • • We hope to see you here (253 … [Read more...]

Outstretched Arms II – September 10, 2016

Outstretched Arms: A family-friendly night of local music, homemade baked goods, homespun art, and uplifting testimony to raise awareness and funds for the ministry of Bethesda Renewal Centre.   .... On behalf of us all at Bethesda, if you attended or volunteered at Outstretched Arms I, I want to … [Read more...]