An Ice Storm & A Gracious Saviour

Recently, here in Ottawa, we had a substantial ice storm. Within 24 hours, it burdened every surface with a layer of ice that surpassed the total precipitation from the infamous, weeks-long Ice Storm of ’98.

Because of the storm, Bethesda’s power went out, the basement flooded, and many trees were affected. The brute force of the storm was overwhelming at moments. Yet, in the thick of it, a friend, who came to help clean up from the storm, filmed a series of shots (see below) that captured a different perspective of the storm’s aftermath: an awe-inspiring, almost redemptive beauty. And as Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday approached, the situation turned our minds to Jesus (a common occurrence here at Bethesda).

We thought about Jesus’ willingness to suffer for us. In Isaiah 53:5-6, we read about a God who sacrificed Himself to accept the burden of paying the price for all our guilt, shame, hate, and sin. Why? So that we could be healed of it all, and instead carry with us His love, rest, and forgiveness.

We thought about about Jesus enduring pain for our sake. He didn’t just see the sins that weighed down our eternal hopes. He didn’t just give up at the first, second or even millionth sign of trouble. He endured history’s darkest hours and the flood of sorrows on the cross. For He knew a joy was set before Him – to bring us back to communion with His heart – and this satisfied Him to pay it all (Hebrews 12:2; Isaiah 53:11)

You never know how God will speak to us. So, may you hear His voice calling you to come to Him today as Lord, Saviour and friend (Matthew 11:28-29), and if you ever need a place to find His rest and hear His guiding voice, send us an email!