An Ice Storm & A Gracious Saviour

Recently, here in Ottawa, we had a substantial ice storm. Within 24 hours, it burdened every surface with a layer of ice that surpassed the total precipitation from the infamous, weeks-long Ice Storm of '98. Because of the storm, Bethesda's power went out, the basement flooded, and many trees … [Read more...]

A Christmas and New Year Blessing!

We hear so many stories, from people who have walked through Bethesda's doors, about what 2022 has been like for them. For many, they are exhausted. For others, they are heavy-laden with various burdens. All of them have one similar desire, to take time away from the struggles and busyness of life, … [Read more...]

Giving Tuesday 2022

Today is Giving Tuesday, a time where we are thankful to receive final donations before our fiscal year-end. As the Lord leads you, would you consider contributing to the special, restorative work God does here via Canada Helps or E-Transfer (bet[email protected])?  As always, we pray that … [Read more...]

Jesus Is Risen

Our resurrected King is alive and is the reason we get to see the life changing work of the Father’s heart and Holy Spirit’s comfort here at Bethesda. We pray this is a year you can know His presence more and more - day by day. Blessings, Your Host Family … [Read more...]

Our Christmastime Prayer for You In Psalm 91:14-16, God gives us an incredible promise. "If you love me and truly know who I am, I will rescue you and keep you safe. When you are in trouble call out to me, I will answer and be there to protect and honour you. You will live a long life and see my … [Read more...]

Our Prayer For You

This is our prayer for you…. That as you seek the presence of God, may His beautiful holiness not just be found in quiet moments, but may it be walked out in your everyday life. We are so thankful to be open again and posting reminders from His Word for your heart. Hope to see you … [Read more...]

An Easter Thought from Bethesda

On the first Easter, some of Christ’s friends, followers and family were at the tomb mourning, some were travelling a difficult journey, some were on lockdown at home with the blinds down and the door bolted shut. Many of you, we realize, may be weeping through a loss this week, or toiling on an … [Read more...]

A Prayer for the Days Ahead

This year God has invited us to come into a place of seeking Him in everything.  This year God has encouraged us to be still in His presence and not be shaken - though strife come against us.  This year God has reminded us He desires to show steadfast compassion to the wayward and … [Read more...]

His Outstretched Arms Protect You

As our first livestream for Outstretched Arms 2020 approaches, a number of people have wondered where the name of this event came from.... While various translations use this term to reference the mighty right arm of God's power (Psalm 136:11-12; Exodus 6:6; Jeremiah 32:21), it was … [Read more...]

Giving Tuesday 2020 – Thank You

This #GivingTuesday - we give thanks to God for you and your generous support of the Lord’s work here. We also give thanks that we can still welcome more people to seek God’s face in quietness and trust here at Bethesda. You can donate through our secure Canada Helps page by clicking … [Read more...]