An Easter Thought from Bethesda

On the first Easter, some of Christ’s friends, followers and family were at the tomb mourning, some were travelling a difficult journey, some were on lockdown at home with the blinds down and the door bolted shut.

Many of you, we realize, may be weeping through a loss this week, or toiling on an arduous path, or feeling absolutely alone or afraid this week. It can feel hard to celebrate the Resurrection when you feel burned out.

So, our prayer for you is that you would be surprised and renewed by God’s fire and light in this dark time: comfort in deepest sorrow, joy and strength to walk in His truth, and love to replace all fear.

May you have open eyes, ears and hearts to see, hear and know the risen Saviour – the only One whom death couldn’t hold and sin couldn’t conquer – and His name is Jesus.

In Christ alone, 
Bethesda Renewal Centre