From our Guestbook

We have been blessed with well over 600 guests in 2012 and we expect even more in 2013.

In the front entrance of Bethesda we have a guestbook in which visitors have left us wonderful words of thanks and blessing. Some have shared what their time at Bethesda has meant to them. Below are a few of the many entries that have touched and encouraged us so much.

October 2011

  • “Beautiful grounds!”

November 2011

  • “This is a quiet place where we can fellowship with God …  God bless you so much for providing such a nice place. Your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”

December 2011

  • “Thanks for yet another wonderful stay.  This place has been crucial to my spiritual health for the last 4 years and continues to be especially so today.”
  • “Thanks for another pleasant and restorative day by the fireplace.  I’ll be back!”
  • ” Thank you for blessing us with a wonderful week through your hospitality, kindness, joy and the love of Christ. We have truly felt refreshed through our time here and at peace …”
  • “This place is amazing…”

January 2012

  • “Restoration, Renewal, & Ready in the Lord for all those that enter here…”

February 2012

  • “A warm welcome. Fire in the fireplace. Hot water, a display of teas, a tray of a mug, spoon and dish. A walk through the snow forest.  A peek at the peaceful, sweet prayer cabin in the woods.  Time alone.  To reflect, to pray, to give thanks. Thank you for a delightful visit.”

December 2012

  • “I loved being here meeting with the Lord Jesus today.  The walk in the snow-clad woods and the prayer time was so beautiful. God spoke to me several times through His incredible word….”

January 2013

  • “…celebrated our 25th New Year’s weekend at Bethesda.  As always it was wonderful due to the beautiful grounds and house and hospitality…”
  • “… this is a place of renewal….truly.”

February 2013

  • “Thank you so much for your loving hospitality and for your servant hearts! God has renewed me and strengthened me by His grace, by the beautiful nature and animals and through your kindness.”

March 2013

  • ‘…God’s creation is really beautiful and Bethesda is a great place to really experience God and quiet down from my busy life.”
  • “Bethesda was the perfect getaway to spend a weekend with God and have fellowship with friends.”