An Easter We’ll Never Forget

In the midst of chaos and suffering, may we remember afresh that Jesus is our Living Hope.

A dear friend of ours (who gave permission to share this quote) recently posted this word of encouragement, If the value of a thing is whatever the highest bidder is willing to pay for it, then if you are reading this, you and I are worth the life of God.”

Our prayer for you this Easter, and in this time of COVID-19, is that you would know Jesus – our humble yet glorious Saviour – took on human flesh for you.

He stepped into the persona of sin and suffered the weight of its consequences (sickness, hopelessness and death) on the cross for you.

He conquered sin and death forever for you when He rose again on the third day, so that you can live in the immeasurable freedom of His love, grace and truth.

He is Emmanuel – God with us – here and now. May you know His caring presence more and more, day by day as you take time to be still with Him.

In His faith, 
Bethesda Renewal Centre