Bethesda Maple Syrup Returns – Available for Sale!

Sugar Bush Season has returned to Bethesda Renewal Centre after a well-deserved 1 year break for our trees! Our signature, wood-fired maple syrup, lovingly made on the property, is now ready to purchase.

Here is our available maple syrup grades and list of bottle sizes!


Its transparency is as delicate as its taste: golden flavour
that is smooth to swallow, but never boring. 

(1 Litre: $25 – 500 millilitres: $15 – 250 millilitres: $10)

Our most popular grade! Its quantity is only surpassed by its quality
and the spectrum of its flavour is as beautiful as its timeless, iconic appearance.  

(1 Litre: $25 – 500 millilitres: $15 – 250 millilitres: $10)

It is a royal grade. Even though its reign presides over
the end of the season, its robust taste endures the test of time.

(1 Litre: $25 – 500 millilitres: $15)


To place your order, please email us at [email protected]. From there, we’d be happy to work out a delivery or pickup arrangement!


Be blessed in His name,

Bethesda Renewal Centre