Outstretched Arms II – Recap

Outstretched Arms II hosted a sweet atmosphere of peaceful generosity on September 11 – a beautiful, sunny day. We were delighted to host over 50 people, 5 musical acts, 3 local artist vendors. Over 25 onsite volunteers helped make this event as special as it was. We even had friends from Saskatoon and Toronto sequester time from their vacations to attend this event. In the end, almost $2,000 was raised to support the work God is doing at Bethesda Renewal Centre!

What amazed me most throughout the planning process/at Outstretched Arms II, however, was hearing various people share their enthusiasm towards this event AND towards the prospect of getting away to Bethesda to relax for a few hours. Who knew a fundraiser could become a mini-retreat? Then again, that’s what this place is about: people coming away to meet with God.

Special thanks to the performers (Ian and Heather Robertson, Andrew Jahn, Hephzibah Kamara, Josiah Milnes (feat. Jonathan Jesionka and Danielle Allard), Ilana Reimer and our headliner Sarah Noelle) and all our volunteers. We couldn’t have done anything without your love and support, and we pray a special blessing from the Lord upon your hearts.

Lord willing, we hope to see you back at Bethesda very soon.

– Josiah