Reflections From Calvary – Josiah Milnes

Last week, as I was walking Bethesda’s trails, I ended up at what some people call  “Bethesda’s Calvary”. As I stood there, the wind brushed through the small cedar trees of the meadow, making that comforting noise which always calms me down. The peace of the moment made me think of the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and, as I took this picture, another thought came to my mind.

The cross on the ground symbolizes something only grace could offer: a chance to lay down our life and take hold of His. In Luke 23:40-43, we read about the criminal hanging on the cross beside Jesus. This man acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God only minutes before his own death. God gives us until the very last second to make amends with Him and to enter into His love and forgiveness.

Why wait, though? We can spend an entire lifetime on earth plus an eternity in heaven with Him!

I can’t promise you the Christian life will always be sunshine and lollipops. Believe me, I see weary Christians soldiers drag themselves in here to Bethesda most every week; battered and bruised by life’s trials and setbacks. Yet, one of my favourite perks of living and serving at Bethesda is seeing these people transition from being completely depleted to fully alive, all because they chose to rest in and encounter God’s presence. Whether it’s here or in your living room, may I encourage you to set aside time to be still, talk to Him, listen and know He is God.

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– Josiah Milnes