Outstretched Arms: It Is Almost Time!

We are blessed that CHRI 99.1 FM has placed Outstretched Arms on their calendar! Have you yet?

Outstretched Arms - CHRI Calendar

As October 4 approaches, we are finalizing the details for Outstretched Arms. One of the most important details is making sure YOU and your family are invited personally. Please help us know how many people to prepare for by emailing [email protected] AND by accessing our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1184837441530069/.

In other exciting news, we have confirmed who our musical guests will be!

You are welcome to share the below poster on your social media page(s), or in your church, as God leads.

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For more Bethesda and Outstretched Arms news, you can become friends with Bethesda Renewal Centre on Facebook and through our website news!

We hope to see you on October 4! 

Josiah Milnes