Spring Work Bees

IMG_0794It is time to shake off the long winter and prepare the grounds and gardens for guests.  We also need to wash and store the sugar bush buckets and lids for next year, and get the firewood ready for the sugar bush and fireplace. We have jobs for every age and skill set.

The more the merrier!!

If you are able to come, please let Sherry know at [email protected] so she can have enough food prepared.

Thank you!


Sunday, April 27 ~ 1 – 5pm (followed by supper)

Saturday, May 10   ~ 8 – Noon (followed by light lunch)

1. Get out Picnic tables and lawn furniture and wash
Sugar bush buckets and lids washed, dried, and stored Sap tank wash
(bring rain suit as the high pressure washer gets you wet!)

 Move wood from sugar shack to house woodshed
Move wood from old sugar shack and log barn  to new sugar shack
Move wood from cross trail to old sugar shack for splitting.
Split wood pile and stack in old sugar shack

4. Burn brush – feed fire
Move scrap wood and brush  to burn pile

5. Rake, pick up branches and thatch grass
6. Cleanup/weed  flower gardens
7. Till veggie gardens
8. John Deere tractor maintenance
 9. Cedar rail fence
10. Level front steps
11. Cut and install baseboard in house
12. Wash windows