God Keeps Us Faithful to 1977 Vision

I recently came across the original vision for  Bethesda from a document created in the Fall of 1977 before the property was purchased and named.  It still applies to what we are doing here at Bethesda 35 years later.  Here are some highlights from the 1977 document:

  •  That God will work healing and renewal in people’s lives in this quiet, rural or “country” place where the beauty of nature, simplicity of living, time to talk and walk in the woods, enhance our ability to see and hear and connect with the living God.
  • That the Bethesda fellowship will be a caring community — caring in the name of Jesus — non specific and eclectic in ministry, yet it will not be watered down.
  • That since we have received His forgiveness, compassion, love and acceptance we are compelled to give it flowing in the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us.
  • That lots of avenues are possible and that we should not close any doors but be open to the people and ministry opportunities that God sends our way.
  • That because it is a country property, the centre will lend itself to the practical “worker type” to be involved and part of the caring community
  • That this will be a place to draw close to the LORD.  By being close to the LORD our needs will be met whatever our needs be and we will be able to share what we have received with others.
  • That this place could be called God’s Place, The Place of the Lord, Bridge to Life, Hope, Place of Reflection, Quiet Place, The Place of Praise, The House of Peace
  •  (Not included in the 1977 document but I believe intended would be Place of Prayer)